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Niveau 1

A1/A2 Starter (1)
Niveau 1 Nombre total de mots: 110,012 (septembre 2021)


Everyday Heroes
Everyday Heroes What do you think of when you hear the word "hero"? Do you think of Superman, or Batman? Of course, they are heroes. But sometimes, normal people can be heroes too..... » Détails
Ryokan Life
Ryokan Life Yuka Nakata studies English. Her family owns a ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) near Kyoto. Now it is August. Yuka is helping her family at the ryokan. Yuka is happy. She can meet many guests and she can practice her English. Many things happen at the ryokan... » Détails
Saori and the Storm
Saori and the Storm Saori is a nurse. She wants to work in many countries. So she goes to a language school in New Zealand to study English.She meets another homestay student..... » Détails
Adventure on the Mountain
Adventure on the Mountain Junko and Hannah are students. They are studying English in London. They travel to Scotland for a vacation. They climb a mountain, but they get lost in a forest.... » Détails
Jimmy Luther
Jimmy Luther Jimmy Luther is an Australian teenager. He doesn't like to study. He is not interested in anything... » Détails
Wei’s Part-Time Job
Wei’s Part-Time Job Wei Liu is a student from China. He studies English in New York. He has a part-time job in a hotel. One day, he finds a diamond necklace in the tissue box in a hotel room. Whose necklace is it? Why is it in the tissue box?... » Détails
Emily’s Bag
Emily’s Bag One day, Nina is driving home from work. It is raining heavily. She sees an old woman. The woman has a heavy shopping bag. She looks wet and tired... » Détails
The Old Hospital
The Old Hospital Steven, Imran and James are university students. They live next to an old hospital. James is telling his friends about the ghost in the hospital. Steven laughs. He doesn't believe the story. He says, “Let’s go into the hospital. Tomorrow night is Halloween. Let’s go then!” » Détails
We Met Online
We Met Online There is a perfect partner for everyone. These days, many people use online dating sites to find that ‘special someone’. In this book, six different people are looking for love online » Détails
Strange Stories
Strange Stories There are five short stories in this book. Just in time for Halloween! Strange and scary stories from the lives of normal people. » Détails

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