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Niveau 3

A2/B1 Intermediate (1)
Niveau 3 Nombre total de mots: 246,549 (février 2022)


Rona Rona and Amanc are living in a new country. Amanc is cheerful and positive. He has two jobs to make money for their small family. He is happy about their future. But Rona is always frightened. She worries about money. She is nervous and shy. She has no friends.... » Détails
Wintertime There are five stories about winter in this book.The forest is a dangerous place in winter, but Stefan takes his dog there. There is an accident. What will happen? Can anyone help Stefan? Or will he die alone in the forest?... » Détails
I’m Late!
I’m Late! Five short stories about ordinary people who risk being late for important events...... » Détails
Lincoln Takes a Trip
Lincoln Takes a Trip Lincoln lives with his mother in a small town in Texas. His life is quiet and lonely. He wants to find old friends, so he searches for them on Facebook.... » Détails
Summer Days
Summer Days There are five short stories about summer in this book. Paul is sad. His girlfriend doesn't want to see him anymore. So he goes to his family's summer house by the lake with his brother. He gets help from a surprising person.... » Détails
Match Day
Match Day Old Jack usually writes ghost stories, but in this book, he shares his memories of a special day when he was "Young Jack". When he was a child, he went to rugby matches with his father.... » Détails
Pretty and Bright
Pretty and Bright Walter Pretty and Amelia Bright are detectives in a small town. One day, an old man is found dead in his house. Pretty and Bright’s boss says the man had an accident, but the two detectives don’t believe it. They think it was murder.... » Détails
Time to Go
Time to Go Dan Hamilton is a successful businessman in Hong Kong. So why does he take $250,000 dollars out of his company bank account, before jumping off a bridge?..... » Détails
The Diary
The Diary Liam finds a diary on the street. The owner's name and address are written inside. He takes the diary to the owner's house, but the owner isn't there. He has been dead for four months.... » Détails
I Need a Friend
I Need a Friend Long ago Shelley and Rosemary had been best friends. When Rosemary gets an unexpected letter asking her to meet Shelley in Paris, Rosemary knows she must go... » Détails

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