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Niveau 3

A2/B1 Intermediate (1)
Niveau 3 Nombre total de mots: 284,579 (septembre 2023)


Children of Another Planet
Children of Another Planet Ai Hayashi is a normal Japanese high school student. Or is she? Ai has strange powers. She can’t tell anyone about her secret life until she meets Sei.... » Détails
Wall of Secrets
Wall of Secrets Joshua grew up believing that his father died in a boat accident. One day, he finds something in an old book which changes his life.... » Détails
Travellers’ Tales
Travellers’ Tales Travelling is exciting. We can see new places, try new food, and meet new people. But sometimes, unexpected things happen.   There are five stories about travelling in this book.... » Détails
Let’s Do It!
Let’s Do It! Sometimes people with disabilities have trouble finding jobs. Mike and his friends were lucky. For ten years they had a job at Sunrise. When the government decides to close Sunrise, they lose their jobs.... » Détails
Roger’s Long Ride
Roger’s Long Ride Covid 19 changed daily life for everyone. In San Francisco, it changes the life of a man called Roger.In two days, he loses his job, his girlfriend, his home and his car.... » Détails
Rona Rona and Amanc are living in a new country. Amanc is cheerful and positive. He has two jobs to make money for their small family. He is happy about their future. But Rona is always frightened. She worries about money. She is nervous and shy. She has no friends.... » Détails
Wintertime There are five stories about winter in this book.The forest is a dangerous place in winter, but Stefan takes his dog there. There is an accident. What will happen? Can anyone help Stefan? Or will he die alone in the forest?... » Détails
I’m Late!
I’m Late! Five short stories about ordinary people who risk being late for important events...... » Détails
Lincoln Takes a Trip
Lincoln Takes a Trip Lincoln lives with his mother in a small town in Texas. His life is quiet and lonely. He wants to find old friends, so he searches for them on Facebook.... » Détails
Summer Days
Summer Days There are five short stories about summer in this book. Paul is sad. His girlfriend doesn't want to see him anymore. So he goes to his family's summer house by the lake with his brother. He gets help from a surprising person.... » Détails

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