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Langue Anglais
Niveau 3
Genre Fiction
Nombre total de mots 5,573
Extrait Rona Sample (PDF)
Disponible sur Amazon Kindle Store Kobo FNAC

Rona and Amanc are living in a new country. Amanc is cheerful and positive. He has two jobs to make money for their small family. He is happy about their future. But Rona is always frightened. She worries about money. She is nervous and shy. She has no friends.
A letter comes for Amanc. It is sad news. His great-uncle has died.
Rona wants to help. She goes to empty the old man’s apartment. Rona meets new people and makes friends. Then she makes a big mistake. She feels very bad.
But Rona’s mistake leads to good news. Their money problems are over and Rona finally starts to believe in their future.

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