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I Talk You Talk Press* is an award-winning Japan-based publisher of language textbooks, graded readers and language learning/teaching resources. We won the 2019 and 2020 Language Learner Literature Award.


Our team is made up of highly experienced language teachers and translators, who have all studied at least one additional language to an advanced level.


This experience enables us to design our materials from the perspectives of both the teacher and the learner. We aim to create textbooks that are easy to teach from, and that are engaging and effective for the learner.


We consult with both teachers and language learners when designing our textbooks and graded readers, and test our materials extensively in the classroom before publication.


We are a fast-growing press, and currently publish graded readers for learners of English. We publish new graded readers on a monthly basis, and are preparing a line of textbooks for use in the EFL classroom and self-study. 


We will also be publishing graded readers for learners of other languages, in particular the lesser-learnt languages. 


The Team

Heather Dixon (Co-founder, writing, editing)

Originally from the UK, Heather has lived in Japan since 2000, where she works as a Japanese-English translator. She has also taught English in private schools, business schools and higher education institutions. When Heather is not working, she enjoys reading, writing, and learning languages.

Patricia Murrow (Co-founder, editing, writing)

Patricia has been teaching and developing learning materials for over thirty years, and is currently a professor of English at a higher education institution. A New Zealander by birth, Patricia has lived and worked in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Pacific. She is an avid reader.

Stephen Hayne (Editing, proofreading)

Stephen moved to Japan from Australia thirty years ago, and currently runs a private language school in Japan. Stephen enjoys collecting Japanese antiques and reading in his spare time.


We also have a team of language learners who provide invaluable feedback throughout the process from planning to production.

If you have any comments or questions about our activities or titles, we would love to hear from you.

Email:  info(atmark)italkyoutalk(dot)com

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