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***Our graded readers in paperback format can be bought from Amazon, or in the case of schools, directly from us. If your school is interested in purchasing our graded readers, please see the For Schools page.***

Graded Readers (ebooks)


I Talk You Talk Press graded readers are sold in the following stores.

Click on the logos to see our books in each store!




Region: Worldwide (Amazon Kindle .com/.de/.es/.fr/.it/.jp/co.uk)


*Books can also be read on the free Kindle for Android/iPhone/iPad/Mac and PC apps

Free app download (Amazon site)

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Region: Worldwide


*Books can also be read on the free Kobo app for Android/iPhone/iPad/Mac and PC.

Free app download (Kobo site)

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Regions: North America, South America, Europe

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Region: Brazil

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Region: France



Region: Canada













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