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Nivel 2

A1/A2 Starter (2)
Nivel 2 recuento de palabras: 187,879 (septiembre 2023)


The Secret Door
The Secret Door Ella and Mike were teenagers. They moved into a big old house in London with their parents. They liked the house, but the neighbours told them there was something strange about it.... » Detalles
A New Life
A New Life Nia is excited about her wedding. Then some bad news makes her very sad and angry. She decides to change her life..... » Detalles
Tiffany and Max Investigate
Tiffany and Max Investigate Tiffany is a student. One day, she is in the forest with her boyfriend Max. She sees a dead body in the river. Or does she?.... » Detalles
Neighbours Everyone has neighbours, Maybe our neighbours are nice or interesting. Or maybe they are difficult or strange. Here are five short stories about neighbours for you to read.... » Detalles
How Did You Meet?
How Did You Meet? We never know how, or when, or where we will meet our one true love. Maybe you will meet on a blind date? Or maybe you will meet in a storm or a supermarket? Here are five stories for you to enjoy..... » Detalles
Elspeth and the Visitor
Elspeth and the Visitor Elspeth was at home, waiting for her mother to come back from work. Someone knocked on the door. She opened it. There was a man standing in front of her. Who was he?..... » Detalles
Murder in Marrakech
Murder in Marrakech Julie is on a business trip in Marrakech, Morocco. She buys a carpet at a market, but the carpet holds a terrible secret..... » Detalles
The Kindness of Strangers
The Kindness of Strangers Life can be difficult, but sometimes strangers help us. People we don't know are kind. It is surprising. It makes our hearts feel warm. Maybe we will never see them again, but we will remember the day when a stranger was kind..... » Detalles
Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle One day, Isobel is walking along the beach. She finds a message in a bottle. The message says "Help me!"..... » Detalles
John Sees a Murder
John Sees a Murder John is a window cleaner. One day, when he is cleaning the windows of a hotel, he sees a murder..... » Detalles

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