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Who’s There?

Who’s There?

Idioma Inglés
Nivel 2
Tipo Ficción, Cuentos
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Have you ever heard a strange noise and thought “Who’s there?”
In these short stories for learners of English, five different people have strange or scary experiences.
A man tries to get into Akemi’s apartment. Who is he? And why is he trying to get into her apartment?
Mike gets home from a Halloween party, and finds someone in his bed! Who is it? And why is the person in his bed?
Why is someone knocking on Brandon’s door? What does the person want?
Someone is calling Amelia’s phone. She answers the phone, but the other person does not speak. Is she in danger? Or does she know the caller?
Serena lives alone in Paris. One night, she hears someone in her living room. Who is it? And what is the person looking for?


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