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Different Seas

Different Seas

Idioma Inglés
Nivel 3
Tipo Ficción
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The Holiday Club Series Book 3 

Story 1: A Dangerous Celebration 

Story 2: Death on an Island 

Jarmo, Akina, Chrysa, Hehu, Shelley and Pachai are the Holiday Club. They come from different countries and have very different lives. They take trips together as often as they can. Book 3 is a bonus for fans of the Holiday Club. This time you get two complete adventure stories as the young friends face terror and horror on opposite sides of the world. 

In A Dangerous Celebration, Shelley gets a happy surprise and the Holiday Club is invited to join the party. But there are people who have other plans for the celebration….. 

….Do you have a plan?” asked Jarmo. “We are all ready to do anything.” 

Hehu sighed. “Yes. I have a plan, but it is very dangerous. I am worried. If anything goes wrong, you could get badly hurt, or killed.” 

“Hehu!” said Chrysa. She spoke quietly, but she sounded very strong and fierce. “Those men have hurt two people already! They might kill someone next! We can’t hide and do nothing! It is not right!” 

“OK, OK, Chrysa,” said Hehu. “But everyone must agree.” 

“We do,” said all the others…..

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