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Nivel 4

B1/B2 Intermediate (2)
Nivel 4 recuento de palabras: 274,128 (noviembre, 2023)


A Wife and Mother
A Wife and Mother Libby Blake is beautiful, talented and very popular. She lives in a small town called Salma. Libby is married with two children. People in Salma think she is the perfect wife and mother. But one night, she disappears.... » Detalles
Haversham House
Haversham House The women walked down the stone steps. They were holding hands. It was very dark and cold. Drops of water were running down the walls. The air smelt bad. “Where is he?” asked the younger woman.“Quiet!” whispered the older woman.... » Detalles
Return to the Valley
Return to the Valley Neil has a good life. He has a successful company. He's rich. But everything is about to change. Twelve years ago, Neil left the valley where he grew up. He said he would never return. But now his brother is dead, and he must go back..... » Detalles
The Vase
The Vase When a doctor in Hong Kong receives a "lucky" Chinese vase in 1910, he has no idea just how lucky it is. This story follows the vase through the 20th century, as it crosses continents and brings luck to its new keepers.... » Detalles
The Other Sisters
The Other Sisters Old Secrets - Modern Mysteries Series Book 5Sisters separated by ambition, distance and war.Maggie always said that Anna was her much younger sister, but Anna believed Maggie was really her mother. Then Maggie is killed..... » Detalles
The Temple Treasure
The Temple Treasure Shuzo is the head priest of a mountain temple in Japan. One night, an unexpected visitor comes to the temple and takes the temple's most precious treasure..... » Detalles
Birthdays to Remember
Birthdays to Remember We remember birthdays that were special or different. Here are seven stories about birthdays to remember - a birthday on the same day as an historic event over 40 years ago, a wonderful meal in a foreign city,... » Detalles
Killer When James Winchester was a spy, he made many friends, and many enemies. Now someone wants him dead. Who is it? And why?... » Detalles
Trapped Stella and Chris run a small private hotel on an isolated beach. One week, ten guests come to stay. Everything is going well until there is a terrible storm which traps the people in the hotel. Then, one of the guests is murdered.... » Detalles
The Box
The Box When Lisa's mother is dying, she gives Lisa a box. What is inside the box? Why is it important? After her mother dies, Lisa's husband leaves her and she is alone. Will the mystery of the box create a new and better future for Lisa?... » Detalles

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