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The Witches of Nakashige

The Witches of Nakashige

Idioma Inglés
Nivel 4
Tipo Ficción, General
Recuento de
Muestra gratis thewitchesofnakashige_samplePDF
Disponible en: ITYT Press Amazon Kindle Store Kobo

One day, Akira Fujihara receives a letter from a man in Nakashige, a small village in Japan. Something is very wrong with Setsu, his elderly aunt. Akira goes to visit her. Strange things are happening in the village. Akira does not know what to do. Then, he meets a very unusual person. Her name is Chi-obaa. Chi-obaa and her friends have very special ways of solving the mysteries and troubles in the village.

Enjoy another adventure featuring the fearless and clever Chi-obaa.

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