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Nivel 2

A1/A2 Starter (2)
Nivel 2 recuento de palabras: 192,576 (noviembre 2023)


John Sees a Murder
John Sees a Murder John is a window cleaner. One day, when he is cleaning the windows of a hotel, he sees a murder..... » Detalles
Who’s There?
Who’s There? Have you ever heard a strange noise and thought "Who's there?"In these short stories for learners of English, five different people have strange or scary experiences..... » Detalles
Murder on Whale Island
Murder on Whale Island George is a tour guide on Whale Island in Scotland. One day, a member of his tour group dies. George finds the man's dead body at the bottom of the cliffs next to the sea.... » Detalles
Dressed for Success
Dressed for Success Read about the life and adventures of a young American woman! Carrie lives on a farm, but she dreams of a different life. She finds a job with an advertising company in Seattle.... » Detalles
The Cruise Ship
The Cruise Ship Sarah and Peter Lane are on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. One day, Peter disappears from the cruise ship. Sarah is very worried. Where is her husband?... » Detalles
Hunted in Hong Kong
Hunted in Hong Kong Rose's family moved from Hong Kong to the USA when she was five years old. Her father had money troubles and so a gang planned to kill him and his family. Rose and her family can never return to Hong Kong. » Detalles
The School on Bolt Street
The School on Bolt Street Rita is going to study at a language school in London. The teacher will meet her at Heathrow Airport and take her to the school. But when she arrives at Heathrow Airport, the teacher is not there... » Detalles
Adventure in Rome
Adventure in Rome ​Lily is on a group tour in Rome. She should be safe. But someone is trying to find her... » Detalles
Danger in Seattle
Danger in Seattle Giovanna is travelling to Seattle to see her old school friend, Isabel... » Detalles
The Perfect Wedding
The Perfect Wedding Treena loves Stan. But does Stan love Treena? Treena doesn't know. Then Stan asks Treena to marry him... » Detalles

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