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Finders Keepers…

Finders Keepers…

Langue Anglais
Niveau 2
Genre Fiction, Générale
Nombre total de mots 4964
Extrait Finders Keepers...Sample (PDF)
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Jed Winters works in a restaurant. He works hard every day, but his salary is low. He dreams of a different life. One day, when he is walking to work, he finds a lottery ticket for the £500,000 lottery draw on Saturday.

Jed thinks, The ticket is not mine. I shouldn’t keep it. But whose is it? Who should I give it to? I didn’t see anyone drop it. If I keep the ticket, and if the ticket is a winner, I will be very rich…”

Jed makes a decision, and it changes his life. But is his life better, or worse? Jed learns that there are more important things in life than money.

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