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Birthdays to Remember

Birthdays to Remember

Langue Anglaish
Niveau 4
Genre Recueil de nouvelles
Nombre total de mots 7,885
Extrait Birthdays to Remember Sample (PDF)
Disponible sur ITYT Press Amazon Book Depository Kindle Store Kobo FNAC

We remember birthdays that were special or different. Here are seven stories about birthdays to remember – a birthday on the same day as an historic event over 40 years ago, a wonderful meal in a foreign city, a birthday celebration during a very tough year, a birthday that changed someone’s life, a very funny misunderstanding, a picnic in a snowstorm and a meal that changed a bad day into a good day.
Three of the stories are fiction, but four of them are based on true events. Can you guess which ones are true? Take a guess and then go to our resource site to find out if you are right!


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