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Level 1

A1/A2 Starter(1)
Level 1 Total Word Count: 110,012 (As of September 2021)


The Christmas Present
The Christmas Present (For children and adults.) Kevin loves Christmas. Every year, the people in Kevin's street put up Christmas trees and they put Christmas lights on their houses.... » Details
A Business Trip to New York
A Business Trip to New York Learn useful business trip phrases through a story! Carlos Castro is from Buenos Aires. He is a business man... » Details
A Homestay in Auckland
A Homestay in Auckland Learn useful homestay phrases through a story! » Details
Dear Ellen
Dear Ellen Ellen Smith starts a new job in Perth. On Valentine's Day, the postman brings a card and some flowers.... » Details
Life is Surprising!
Life is Surprising! Life is Surprising! Short Stories for Learners of English. » Details
A Trip to London
A Trip to London Join David Wang on his trip to the UK and learn some useful travel phrases! » Details
Haruna’s Story Part 1
Haruna’s Story Part 1 Haruna works for a large cosmetics company in Japan. One day, Haruna's boss tells everyone that they must get 700 points on the TOEIC test. If they don't get 700, they will lose their jobs... » Details
Haruna’s Story Part 2
Haruna’s Story Part 2 Haruna starts working in LA. She works hard every day, but her boss is never happy... » Details
Haruna’s Story Part 3
Haruna’s Story Part 3 One of Haruna's customers gives Haruna a great chance to show her shop and cosmetics to the world... » Details
Ken’s Story Part 1
Ken’s Story Part 1 Ken is a businessman from Tokyo. He wants a girlfriend, but he can't find one... » Details

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