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Level 1

A1/A2 Starter(1)
Level 1 Total Word Count: 119,803 (As of December 2023)


Haruna’s Story Part 2
Haruna’s Story Part 2 Haruna starts working in LA. She works hard every day, but her boss is never happy... » Details
Haruna’s Story Part 3
Haruna’s Story Part 3 One of Haruna's customers gives Haruna a great chance to show her shop and cosmetics to the world... » Details
Ken’s Story Part 1
Ken’s Story Part 1 Ken is a businessman from Tokyo. He wants a girlfriend, but he can't find one... » Details
Ken’s Story Part 2
Ken’s Story Part 2 Ken finds a girlfriend, but another girl is becoming very friendly. Ken's girlfriend is not happy... » Details

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