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Nivel 1

A1/A2 Starter (1)
Nivel 1 recuento de palabras: 119,803 (diciembre 2023)


The Old Hospital
The Old Hospital Steven, Imran and James are university students. They live next to an old hospital. James is telling his friends about the ghost in the hospital. Steven laughs. He doesn't believe the story. He says, “Let’s go into the hospital. Tomorrow night is Halloween. Let’s go then!”... » Detalles
We Met Online
We Met Online There is a perfect partner for everyone. These days, many people use online dating sites to find that ‘special someone’. In this book, six different people are looking for love online. » Detalles
Strange Stories
Strange Stories There are five short stories in this book. Just in time for Halloween! Strange and scary stories from the lives of normal people... » Detalles
The Christmas Present
The Christmas Present (For children and adults) Kevin loves Christmas. Every year, the people in Kevin's street put up Christmas trees and they put Christmas lights on their houses.... » Detalles
A Business Trip to New York
A Business Trip to New York Learn useful business trip phrases through a story! Carlos Castro is from Buenos Aires. He is a business man. » Detalles
A Homestay in Auckland
A Homestay in Auckland Learn useful homestay phrases through a story! » Detalles
Dear Ellen
Dear Ellen Ellen Smith starts a new job in Perth. On Valentine's Day, the postman brings a card and some flowers... » Detalles
Life is Surprising!
Life is Surprising! Five short stories for learners of English. » Detalles
A Trip to London
A Trip to London Únete David en su viaje al Reino Unido y aprende algunas frases útiles para viajar! » Detalles
Ken’s Story Part 1
Ken’s Story Part 1 Ken es un hombre de negocios. Tiene 34 años. Vive y trabaja en Tokio. Él quiere casarse, pero no puede encontrar una novia... » Detalles

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