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Level 4

B1/B2 Intermediate (2)
Level 4 Total Word Count: 121,262 (As of February, 2015)


The Legacy
The Legacy Beth is happy living in Manchester. She shares an apartment with her best friend, Penny, and works in a big store. But then... » Details
The Witches of Nakashige
The Witches of Nakashige Something is very wrong with Setsu Fujihara. Her nephew Akira goes to visit her. She lives in Nakashige.... » Details
On the Run
On the Run Old Secrets – Modern Mysteries Series Book 3. James is planning his retirement when he is given someone else's secrets.... » Details
End House
End House The 2nd book in the Old Secrets - Modern Mysteries Series. A murdered man is found in Sarah’s garden. Who is he? Why was he there? » Details
The Blue Lace Curtain
The Blue Lace Curtain Andy is staying in a small hotel in Italy. He should be studying, but he is much more interested in the strange guests who have come to stay... » Details
Chi-obaa and Friends
Chi-obaa and Friends If you go to the small town of Nakashige, in Western Japan, you may see a small elderly lady wearing very bright clothes and pulling a shopping trolley. This is Chi-obaa... » Details
Chi-obaa and Her Town
Chi-obaa and Her Town Chi-obaa has become quite famous for solving mysteries and sorting out other people’s problems. Now, some quite surprising people are asking her for help... » Details
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