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Level 4

B1/B2 Intermediate (2)
Level 4 Total Word Count: 274,128 (As of November, 2023)


Vanished Away
Vanished Away This is a new edition of our graded reader Vanished Away. Satomi walked through the train. It was dark outside. The front cars were full of passengers, but as she moved towards the back of the train, there were fewer and fewer people. Where was Miki?... » Details
The Legacy
The Legacy Beth is happy living in Manchester. She shares an apartment with her best friend, Penny, and works in a big store. But then... » Details
The Witches of Nakashige
The Witches of Nakashige Something is very wrong with Setsu Fujihara. Her nephew Akira goes to visit her. She lives in Nakashige.... » Details
On the Run
On the Run Old Secrets – Modern Mysteries Series Book 3. James is planning his retirement when he is given someone else's secrets.... » Details
End House
End House The 2nd book in the Old Secrets - Modern Mysteries Series. A murdered man is found in Sarah’s garden. Who is he? Why was he there? » Details
The Blue Lace Curtain
The Blue Lace Curtain Andy is staying in a small hotel in Italy. He should be studying, but he is much more interested in the strange guests who have come to stay... » Details
Chi-obaa and Friends
Chi-obaa and Friends If you go to the small town of Nakashige, in Western Japan, you may see a small elderly lady wearing very bright clothes and pulling a shopping trolley. This is Chi-obaa... » Details
Chi-obaa and Her Town
Chi-obaa and Her Town Chi-obaa has become quite famous for solving mysteries and sorting out other people’s problems. Now, some quite surprising people are asking her for help... » Details

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