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Level 2

A1/A2 Starter (2)
Level 2 Total Word Count: 108,450 (As of October, 2018)


The School on Bolt Street
The School on Bolt Street Rita is going to study at a language school in London. The teacher will meet her at Heathrow Airport and take her to the school. But when she arrives at Heathrow Airport, the teacher is not there.... » Details
Adventure in Rome
Adventure in Rome Lily is on a group tour in Rome. She should be safe. But someone is trying to find her... » Details
Danger in Seattle
Danger in Seattle Giovanna is travelling to Seattle to see her old school friend, Isabel... » Details
The Perfect Wedding
The Perfect Wedding Treena loves Stan. But does Stan love Treena? Treena doesn't know. Then Stan asks Treena to marry him... » Details
Stories for Halloween
Stories for Halloween Six stories for Halloween. Read about a vampire, a magical pumpkin, ghosts, and scary houses!... » Details
Trouble in Paris
Trouble in Paris Mariko is travelling around Europe alone. She is having a good time, but a mistake at the airport in Paris changes everything... » Details
Train Travel
Train Travel Do you like travelling by train? Many people believe that trains are the most romantic and interesting way to travel... » Details
Don’t Come Back
Don’t Come Back Jake Lewis is a businessman. His office is in the centre of the city. Every morning in winter... » Details
Christmas Tales
Christmas Tales There are 5 short Christmas stories for learners of English in this book.... » Details
The House in the Forest
The House in the Forest Collette Roy is a teacher in Canada. She is tired of working in the city, so she finds a job at a school in a very small town. Her house is in the forest. There is only one other house in the forest - an old, empty house... » Details
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