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Christmas Tales

Christmas Tales

TYPE Short stories
SAMPLE Christmas Tales Sample (PDF)
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There are five Christmas stories in this book. The stories are heartwarming and sometimes funny. There’s some sadness and loneliness too, but at Christmas every story has a happy ending!


Ken is a university student in Tokyo. All his friends are going to a Christmas party. Ken wants to go to the party, but there is one problem. He doesn’t have a girlfriend, and he doesn’t want to go to the party alone. He decides to buy some Christmas cake. When he is returning from the cake shop, he sees a young woman. She is crying. Ken tries to help her, and finds that happiness can come from sadness.


Maddie and Kirstie are excited. The most handsome man in the office has invited them to his Christmas party. They spend a long time preparing for the party. They buy new clothes, and plan a beauty makeover. They are having fun, but then ……


Walter is an old man. He is Santa in a department store. One day, a young boy comes to see him. Walter says to him, “Tell me what you want for Christmas.” They boy answers, “Santa, please bring me a grandfather for Christmas.” Walter is shocked. He wants to help the boy, but what can he do? Then, he has an idea…


Enjoy these stories and two more in Christmas Tales!





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